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Sanders studied at Brooklyn College for a year in 1959–60 [32] before transferring to the University of Chicago and graduating with a bachelor of arts degree in political science in 1964. [32] He has described himself as a mediocre college student because the classroom was "boring and irrelevant," while the community provided his most significant learning. [33]

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Twentieth century societies have kept increasing government control of therapeutic drugs on the ground that authoritative knowledge about their efficacy and safety makes free individual choice illusory. Psychoactive substances used as pleasure drugs were the first to be restricted, but all prescription medicines now have to go through an elaborate procedure of testing and certification before they are approved for medical use. Of all federal drug laws, only the Pure Food and Drug Act (1906) was designed to encourage free choice by consumers, because it was aimed at simple fraud-false statements about the contents of the package. Since the passage of the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act of 1938, the power to decide the availability of most drugs has gradually been transferred, first from consumers to doctors and then from doctors to the government. Before allowing a drug on the market, the federal government must now judge whether it is effective as well as whether it is safe.

Zaire is a sophomore in dad’s old city of Chicago, playing basketball at Mount Carmel High School along with his 15-year-old cousin, Wade’s nephew Dahveon Morris.

At his season-ending press conference in late April, Riley hinted that resigning Johnson and Waiters would be the team’s priority. He added: “I hope Dion and James and the rest of our free agents like it here enough. We’re going to be fair with them and [hope] they will be fair with us.”

Anyone who thinks it’s weird that a woman didn’t report an incident of sexual abuse need only look at the Catholic Church and connect the dots. Like the altar boys, that woman knew she wouldn’t be believed — or worse, punished if she spoke out.

James Bernard - FlashbackJames Bernard - FlashbackJames Bernard - FlashbackJames Bernard - Flashback