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The album starts out well enough with ethereal instrumental "Prologue (Maya Ixtab)" , which is taken from "Nekromantik 2" , the combination of piano and acoustic guitars with symphonic touches providing hope for the rest of the album. "Deep Dark Waters" has a similar vibe before the doom riffing begins and Meba 's weak growls and spoken bits being, the end result a song that is mediocre at best. And then the album takes a sharp turn for the worse. An already so-so song to begin with, "Anxiety Attack" falls flat on its face when Meba employs vocals that, had I not known better, could have been sung by Gonzo from "The Muppets" ; just friggin' terrible. "Brave" turns out to a fairly strong tune with an enchanting melody. Well, of course the song is compositionally solid; it's a cover of an old KATATONIA tune. You'd be much better off sticking with the original. The album ends the way it began, with a dark instrumental track called "Epilogue (Days of Crucifiction)" that is appealing enough. That an album's highpoints ( "Brave" aside) are its intro and outro speaks volumes about its worthiness.

Apostolum - Anedonia