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Interior glazed systems (curtain walls) depending on your business requirements. Construct your system with interior glaze that will allow opaque panel installation into the openings from the interior of the building. This is usually specified for buildings without major internal obstructions. This allows free access to the interior of the system for repair or replacement in the distant future

Wise Landscape solutions specialises in rock and sandstone retaining walls . Unlike some of the Gold Coast’s larger outfits, we are affordable and will work with you to find an option which suits your budget. You can rest assured that quality will not be compromised, as we only use the best products and are experienced masons. We build walls for houses that are engineered-certified. We can also replace existing retaining walls. We build exceptional rock walls from sandstone boulders, A & B grade sawn blocks, bush rock, blue stone and hand-shaped stone mason walls. We can also take care of all other landscaping needs at the same time. Retaining walls and rock walls Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Noise intrusion can differ from one property to the next and these are the most popular systems we install, there are times when we can combine one two or even three systems for the best possible result for your situation. We also install soundproofing for music rooms and home cinemas. Please give us a ring for the best solution for your soundproofing needs. An acoustic membrane can be added for extra sound blocking on all the systems.
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Call, The - The Walls Come DownCall, The - The Walls Come DownCall, The - The Walls Come DownCall, The - The Walls Come Down