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You can learn a lot about a person in 30 minutes: I spent 30 minutes or so with Walmart ( WMT ) CEO Doug McMillon on Tuesday (click through below to WATCH the segments), discussing everything from the holiday season, the retailer's rebirth, and how he looks so young. But it was what he didn't say that left me thinking Walmart's stock could rally another 50% over the next two years. There was something about the youthful-looking 51-year-old that screamed: "While I am smiley on the outside, I am fiercely competitive and will work 500 hours straight each day for five years straight to destroy Amazon ( AMZN ) ." That's the kind of leader you want to bet on.

Before you reach for that junk food snack (which you promised yourself yesterday that you wouldn't give in to today), check in with your body. Are you truly hungry? Where is your urge to eat coming from - your stomach or your mind? Can you tell the difference? If you ask yourself enough times, you'll begin to be able to tell the difference. Will an apple or other healthy snack begin to satisfy your need for food? If not, you're probably not truly hungry and just wanting to snack.

All good information said that I should use [ and ] to switch between target to control. I had never used this feature before but now it didn't work. The keyboard layout is different in my county from what the english keyboard layout is, so I tried to use the physical keys for [ and ] on an english keyboard . That worked! For me in any case.

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